I have chosen Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne because it is ace and when you hear it you want to get up and jump around!!!

Votes: 22 in



Ojos de Brujo- Bari

I like this song because it is spanish and exciting!!! It is very different!!

Langm1 – votes 18 – in


HIllA1 – Standing in the way of control – The Gossip      Woop skins…who could live without it eh?  Mil wanted to be mentioned so here we go…ok so did Gee and Alice! whayy..x  – lots of votes – IN

 LongA1 – Acceptable in the 80’s – Calvin Harris!!!!! This is a coolest song ever and we listened to in 50000000000000 times before my party and i luv mil alex and Gee!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx oh and C – about 17 votes – IN

Buskers on the Paris Metro

FMMC – heslf1

pokemon- because i like it – 17 votes – in!

Fancy writing a story… with others?


Stories you can write with friends

FMMC – gillc2:)

Helllo doodidallys!!!How are oust all!!Today is FMMC and i’m to be playing my friends cd yonder Alex’s Teenage Kicks the PERFECT chilli pancake soundtrack!!!So enjoy my frined for what you are about top here is just pure fantastic as It is weelllllll Fantabbydosouis————> THe undertones TEenage  kickyswickys!!1xxxxxx

FMMC – fennc2

I love bop to the top because it sounds happy and is of a great flim!!!  – voted in

Mr C’s choice – Move on up: Curtis Mayfield – voted in

Assembly Ideas

8R’s assembly is on … 6th March – might be a bit early for Easter.

As discussed this morning, use the 8R Wiki to add your ideas for assembly.  I will then sit down with your form captains and 6th formers to decide which one we will go for (or we might draw up a shortlist and then have a vote).

Elcog1 FMMC

Breaking Free-High School Musical

Sorry Georgi love this song and the movie!!!! Yay!!! It’s so cool woop woop! Genny says hi.

16 votes – in!